Haque Chiropractic Teams Up with Lifestyle Fitness in Livermore to Release Weight Loss DVD for Back Pain Sufferers

In home exercise program is becoming available for people who want to lose weight, strengthen their bodies and help with their lower back conditions in 30 minutes without any equipment.

Livermore, CA, August 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Anita Haque teamed up with her husband who is a personal trainer to develop three routines for back pain suffers who want to lose weight, tone their bodies and strengthen their lower backs safely without the hassles of going to a gym, lifting equipment all in about 30 minutes or less from the comfort of their own home.

In talking with patients, one thing that became very clear to Dr. Anita Haque was that many of her patients who have lower back complaints are also overweight and they are often afraid to exercise. This is mainly because they are not sure what exercises to do that won’t further injure their back and cause more pain. While not exercising, they usually cause further damage and degeneration because their weight continues to rise and further pressure is exerted on the muscles and joints.

That is why Dr. Anita Haque who is a chiropractor and certified personal trainer teamed up with her husband who is also a personal trainer and works with hundreds of people with Dr. Anita to develop an exercises DVD for back pain sufferers.

A combination of gentle yoga stretches, isometric exercises, aerobic breathing is what makes the program very effective for burning calories and strengthening at the same time. A large focus is on rehabilitating the muscles that support the spine and trim the waistline.

With this DVD back pain sufferers will now be able to:
· Begin a safe program in the comfort of their own home
· Focus on strengthening their backs
· Trim their waistline
· Burn calories
· Improve flexibility
· Increase energy
· Lose weight
· Not have to use any equipment or go to a gym
· Finish a compete routine in about 30 minutes

To reach Dr. Anita Haque or Don Parker drhaque@haquechiropractic.com or Don@donslifestyle.com
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