Religious Fiction Novel Focuses on Good Vs. Evil, Angels Vs. Demons

Author, Bolko Zimmer is pleased to announce the promotion of his religious fiction novel, Angelic Warefare: The Stones of Fire.

Memphis, TN, August 15, 2012 --( A dramatic retelling of the fall of man, Angelic Warfare: The Stones of Fire is a captivating account of the ultimate confrontation between good and evil. In this vividly imagined work, author Bolko Zimmer creates a fully realized universe populated by seraphim, cherubim, and countless angels-all with their own agendas and allegiances.

At the center of the conflict is the cherub prince, Lucifer. It's the dawn of time, and Lucifer is filled with vanity. Before long, he rebels against the Supreme Spirit, who rules over all. Lucifer then convinces a third of the angels to follow him and they began an endless reign of evil. Among their heinous crimes: enticing mankind to commit every imaginable sin. The actions of these fallen angels also give rise to giants, who terrorize the humans, and monstrous beasts, which destroy everything in their path.

Hope comes in the form of an archangel and mighty prince named Michael. He and his angels enter this world of growing wickedness to watch over and protect the virtuous people. But the angels soon confront legions of demons, valiantly resisting them until something horrifying occurs that changes heaven and earth forever...

Blending a biblically based foundation with extraordinary dramatic insights, Angelic Warfare: The Stones of Fire is required reading for Christians, Bible scholars, and anyone who loves the greatest story ever told.

Book Information:
Angelic Warfare: The Stones of Fire
Author: Bolko Zimmer
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1432770822
Pages: 120
Published: April 2011

About The Author
Bolko Zimmer spent 21 years in the United States Army, where he reached the rank of lieutenant colonel, and 20 years as an adjunct professor. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Human Resource Development from Texas A & M University and completed his dissertation on prison ministries. He has taught at Webster University, Wayland Baptist University, and Union University, and has published several articles on health-care administration and faith-based programs. Dr. Zimmer has also served as president of the board of directors for the Bexar County Detention Ministries in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Zimmer and his family live in Humboldt, Tennessee.

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