Keep on Rockin’: Vocabulary from the Music Scene for Bands and Fans on

- New rock star-themed course with vocabulary for musicians and their fans - Words and useful phrases in seven languages for festivals, concerts or nightclubs

Atlanta, GA, August 16, 2012 --( What would musicians be without their fans? To strike the right harmony between these two worlds, the online language learning platform now offers the music course “Rock Stars and Fans”. In eight easy lessons, concert- and club-goers or professional musicians can get music world lingo pitch-perfect in any of seven different languages.

“Thanks, you were awesome!” or “Put your hands up in the air” are phrases commonly heard at a concert. Musicians who want to rev their fans up can learn just the right thing to say, such as, for example, “Hola, somos el grupo Babbel de Berlín. Ésta es una canción de nuestro nuevo álbum* ‘Into the Unknown.’” The course focuses amongst other things on live music experiences, from bouncers and queuing to ear plugs and stage diving.

Festival, concert and club-goers of course do not fall by the wayside. For them, Babbel has even more nightlife-themed lessons on hand. The new course gets them fit to go out and meet new people. With the Rock Star vocabulary trainer – including eight lessons dealing with showbiz, fan chatter, concerts and music – all of the most important phrases can be learned quickly. Writing and pronunciation exercises guarantee a quick acquisition of the new vocabulary.

There are courses for French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, German and of course English. More information about the course offering here:
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