Capstone Real Estate Announces Success with Saguaro 2 Investment

Canadian Real Estate Investment Company Delivering Great News to Investors

Calgary, Canada, August 16, 2012 --( Jim Vincent, President for Capstone Real Estate, announced today that the Saguaro 2 investment project was very successful for investors. Remaining investment funds are currently being deployed for Saguaro 2, which has 103 single-family revenue homes in the Greater Phoenix area.

“The Phoenix market has shown incredible strength during the past six months,” said Jim Vincent, President, Capstone Real Estate. “There are lots of investment groups and newly qualified owner-occupants aggressively fighting over the limited supply of housing. We have made nice equity appreciation on everything we have bought, so our investors need to know they are in a very good position."

Evidence that the demand for Phoenix real estate is on the rise can be seen in the low number of foreclosures and available houses for sale. The rising employment rate is also affecting the Phoenix housing market, as there are growing signs of a shortage of construction workers and other skilled workers in the area. This is causing the demand for available houses to go even higher. Capstone Real Estate is currently setting plans in motion for future investment projects to continue capitalizing on the thriving market.

“We are in a great position and the future is looking even brighter,” Vincent continued. “The best thing for us right now is to manage well for a hold period as things work through the natural cycle. This will allow us to deliver the best return on investment to our clients as we prepare for future opportunities.”

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