London Gold and Commodities Exchange Now Offers Currency Options Trading Service to Global Investors

London Gold and Commodities Exchange, is happy to announce its currency options trading services to global traders and investors using its most ground-breaking trading platform, the WinTrade platform.

London, United Kingdom, August 17, 2012 --( “We design this currency option trading service for traders and investors who are considered passive in their trading activities but want to control their risk as well as want to benefit from unlimited profit potential,” said Charles McKenna, the Chief Advisor for Global Currency Options.

For European traders, London Gold and Commodities Exchange designs a much easier funding system via Paypal Euro Instant Funding. This payment system is considered as an option to existing US Dollar Instant Funding Alternative. According to Mr. McKenna, who is delighted with the new trading service, this new funding alternative will enable traders and investors to deposit funds either Dollars or Euros directly into their accounts without any intervention from the firm. This means that traders can immediately deposit funds to their accounts and see the adjusted account balances.

On the other hand, German traders and investors who utilize either WinTrade or MT4 Trading platforms are also offered with the firm’s Direct Debit Funding Option through affiliated banks in Germany. “Investors can plainly enter their basic banking information and their chosen banking institution will transfer the funds on that same day. And in soonest time, European Banking Standards will potentially permit the same level of service to the entire Eurozone banking institutions,” added Mr. McKenna.

Since the beginning of trading operation of London Gold and Commodities Exchange, it has also offered free mobile trading services to all clients including free EA hosting, spreads for as low as one pip and hedging using a single account. These unmatched and exclusive market offerings have motivated the firm for a notable annual growth rate of nearly 20 percent. London Gold and Commodities Exchange all-inclusive trading services are supported with multi-languages such as English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
Kevin Alden