Tax Relief Professionals in Suffolk County, NY, Join with SEO Marketers to Reach Local Taxpayers

Locally renowned tax assistance specialists "Long Island Tax Resolution" partner up with"Prospect Genius," a proven marketing specialist, to bring comprehensive tax services to the greater Suffolk County, NY area.

Stony Brook, NY, August 17, 2012 --( For Long Island residents searching for tax help from a local professional, finding qualified assistance will soon be easier. As a result of a recently announced partnership between Long Island Tax Resolution, Inc. and the online advertising company Prospect Genius, tax relief services will be easier to find online for Suffolk County taxpayers and businesses.

This benefit stems from the increased online exposure Prospect Genius hopes to garner for Long Island Tax Resolution. As Matt Gallo, a spokesman and senior Web strategist for Prospect Genius, explains, "We've partnered with Long Island Tax Resolution to help boost their online visibility through the creation and marketing of a search engine optimized Web site. Our goal is to help this site appear as high as possible on search engine results pages, both helping local folks find IRS assistance services faster and aiding Long Island Tax Resolution in growing their customer base."

With this collaboration firmly in place, people searching for "tax help Suffolk County" or "Stony Brook tax resolution" on any of the major search engines will see Long Island Tax Resolution's Web site appear closer to the top of the results. Placement on search engine results pages can be crucial for Web visibility as most searchers do not look beyond the first results page. In fact, the top two listings on a given results page have been shown to receive substantially more of the traffic generated by the search than sites listed lower. As a result, local tax resolution companies like Long Island Tax Resolution need to have the best possible placement on search results pages in order to remain visible, and subsequently, competitive.

In working with Prospect Genius, Long Island Tax Resolution is able to maximize their accessibility via the Web, ensuring that people and businesses in the Suffolk County region are able to connect with the local professionals they can rely on for tax debt relief.

Long Island Tax Resolution, Inc. is a tax help company serving locals in Suffolk County, New York and environs. Their tax consultants specialize in all types of tax debt relief and tax settlements.

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