"Restoring Faith, Family & Freedom, LLC" Releases First Book in 2012 by Elise Whitworth, "Fruit Loons: The Rise and Fall of American Socialism

Dahlonega, GA, August 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Restoring Faith, Family & Freedom, LLC has released its first publication, "Fruit Loons: The Rise and Fall of American Socialism: by Dr. Elise Whitworth, as of August 2012, available at www.elisewhitworth.com. "Fruit Loons" is a refreshing mix of humor, facts and resource tools written in a user-friendly style that connects with the heart and soul of everyone who is paying the price for big government, over taxation, unemployment, and fading freedoms in America.

Fruit Loons exposes foreign invasion of socialism and its destructive impact on American freedom and prosperity, and is a major resource tool in restoring constitutional liberties in America. This book is a major resource tool that connects all the dots for citizens and provides a basic crash course on: (1) roots and fruit of true American freedom; (2) brief history on the U.S. Constitution; (3) roots and fruit of destructive American socialism; (4) how Americans are psychologically manipulated; (5) how to restore American liberties and sanity.

Restoring Faith, Family & Freedom is committed to educating American citizens on how to be a vital part of restoring liberty and sanity in American society.
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