Winners of Mira Telecom "Student – Programming the Future" Scholarships for Excellence, Motivated to Continue the Research Projects

The winners of Mira Telecom “Student – Programming the future” scholarships for excellence, were delighted with the results of the internship program that they attended and will continue to work over the summer holidays at the project "NanoProgramming - controlling a system for atomic and nanoscale manipulation," run under the coordination of the company’s specialists and of Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Marius Enăchescu, CSSNT General Manager.

Bucharest, Romania, August 18, 2012 --( The students would like to maintain the team complete, to be able to implement the project together and are also planning to participate to the future challenges launched by Mira Telecom in this area.

“At the beginning I was a little scared by one of the participants who was asking many questions, but in time I realized that the team work in this project was a very pleasant experience and a real challenge. I think people work best in couples and my collaboration with Andrei has confirmed it. The work in this very complex project was not stressful at all from my perspective, I did everything out of pleasure and was motivated by the result I knew we were going to reach,” said Paul Urziceanu, student of the Polytechnic University.

Another winner of the scholarships for excellence, Andrei Radu, thinks that the project’s success is also due to the way in which the team members managed to complete each other. “It was a team that included people who were very good in different areas, who managed to complete each other and this has significantly contributed to the project’s success.”

“Although we did not know each other at the beginning I feel now that I know my team mates very well and the work within this project, but also the entertainment activities, such as the basketball game we played together, has helped us consolidate as a team. I liked the confidence granted by our teacher by offering us the lab key and allowing us unrestricted access to the resources, confidence that I felt all through the project and I also appreciated the visits of MIRA specialists involved in the project, as well as their coordination,” added Daniel Tomescu, one of the participants in the project, who, although is not among the scholarship winners is determined to stay in the team and continue the project with the other colleagues.

Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Marius Enăchescu, CSSNT General Director was also pleasantly surprised with the way the participants worked in the internship program and he wishes the team remains complete after the project delivery, as well. “I am glad to see that they really are a team. Both MIRA and I will try to keep them as a team, even if the number of scholarships did not equal the number of participants. I want to see the system working perfectly, unitary and the team members to be able to unblock or debug the system if necessary. We hope that we will be able to continue doing some other things with Mira Telecom, because they have smart people there who really understand the richness of being with one foot in the business and the other foot in a university. This is a fantastic richness on both sides.”

At the end of the internship program, organized in collaboration with Center for Surface Science and Nanotechnology of Bucharest Polytechnic University, Mira Telecom designated three winners of the scholarships for excellence worth 2,000 Euro each, for the university year 2012 – 2013. The winners were Paul Urziceanu, Andrei Radu and Monica Dragan, all students of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, within Bucharest Polytechnic University.

“Everything happened naturally all through the project. Only the interested people were selected and those really willing to perform and passionate with research remained. The students were given a deadline for the report delivery and want to work during summer to finish the project. Right now we are very satisfied with the development of the project,” said Silviu Ciobanu – R&D Manager Mira Telecom.

The internship program was a pilot project launched by Mira Telecom this year, but considering the participants level of involvement, the program will continue with a new research project in 2013.

Mira Telecom – a company with 100% Romanian private capital- with 14 years of experience on the Romanian and international market, started its activity in October 1998, with radio-communication equipment distribution. Service diversification has represented the basic principle in the company’s evolution. Mira Telecom provides today complete security, IT and telecom services, backed by an efficient and operative integrated service, which brings added value to the customers’ operations.

Center for Surface Science and Nanotechnology (CSSNT) – is the research center of P.U.B. , developed very recently as a response to the most advanced challenges of contemporary science: surface science and nanotechnology. CSSNT has two major objectives: (A)to perform fundamental research with world leading performance, e.g., atomic resolution in air on various surfaces; (B) applied engineering research in the field of nanotechnologies, e.g., processing technologies for obtaining nanometric and atomic scale devices, with application in microelectronics, microbiology and chemical technology.
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