Holonyx Inc. Announces Availability of Linux-Based Holonyx SME Server for Powerful Small-Business to Enterprise-Level Server Functionality

Loveland, CO, June 28, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Holonyx Inc. is now offering the powerful Linux-based server application SME Server with full customer support. Developed by Holonyx Ruffdogs technology division, Holonyx SME Server offers a full-featured, open-source software server solution all at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions. Holonyx SME Server provides the benefits of open source and delivers a competitive edge.

“Holonyx is pleased to be able to offer Holonyx SME Server and also provide the technical support that customers require for their IT environments”, said Holonyx President Garret Acott. ”While SME Server is available as open-source software, Holonyx is delivering a complete solution of software, hardware and support”, said Acott.

Holonyx SME Server is a fully-featured workgroup or enterprise-level server application that allows organizations to share data and resources. The capabilities of Holonyx SME Server include:

* Affordable expandability – Holonyx SME Server scales from as few as five users to as many as five hundred users without additional costs for each additional user.
* E-mail - Provide high-performance e-mail access to and from your employees using Microsoft Outlook (tm) or open-source applications such as Thunderbird.
* Security – Ativirus protection for e-mail and files is included with ClamAV and is automatically updated. Spam filtering for e-mail is provided with Spamassassin.
* File serving – A central file server allows seamless information exchange between Windows (tm), Macintosh (tm), Unix and Linux (tm) clients.
* Web server – Host your company's website and/or your company's intranet.
* Share resources and equipment - Holonyx SME Server enables you to share resources and hardware such as Internet access, printers, and fax machines.
* Internet connectivity – Allow all the systems in your network to share a single Internet connection. Holonyx SME Server also includes a firewall to protect your internal network from intrusion.
* Remote Access – Work from virtually anywhere, anytime, with access to e-mail, internal Web sites, and network files any Internet-enabled PC.
* Management – User-friendly management software makes it fast and easy to add new user accounts, control remote access, configure network printers, setup workgroups and connect additional networks.

One of the most attractive features of Holonyx SME Server is its pricing model. Unlike other server applications that charge for each workstation on the network, Holonyx SME Server provides an unlimited number of client licenses and scales from an entry level five users to an incredible 500 users for enterprise environments.

Holonyx SME Server with a one-year support contract from Holonyx is available at a price of $5000 and includes a fully loaded server with Holonyx SME Server pre-installed, and 10 hours of technical support over a one-year contract.

Holonyx Ruffdogs technology division has long been involved in the development of SME Server and is a founding member of SME Server Inc., the non-profit corporation that coordinates the open-source community’s contributions to the development of SME Server. Ruffdogs is also a contributor to other major open-source projects, including guilinux, and MyPHPNuke.

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