Pedagogy, Inc. Announces the Release of a New Class: Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion

Troup, TX, August 18, 2012 --( Pedagogy, Inc., a national provider of online continuing education and training courses for nurses and other health care professionals, is very pleased to announce an important new course on Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion authored by Judy Gilman NP-R, RN, CDE.

Since the introduction of insulin pumps several decades ago, Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) therapy has become the preferred method of treatment for everyone with Type 1 Diabetes. For patients using CSII, it replaces multiple daily injections (MDI) of insulin. CSII is also used for some people with Type 2 Diabetes who, as a result of the progression of their diabetes, require MDI of insulin a day, similar to a person who has Type 1 Diabetes. This means that the number of patients with diabetes being admitted to Long Term Care (LTC) who utilize CSII has increased and will continue to do so. Patients are being admitted for LTC at younger ages than previously, often due injuries and illnesses that require them to have assistance during an extended recovery. Many of the patients admitted to LTC are mentally alert but need of physical care during an extended recovery or rehabilitation time. The dilemma in the LTC setting, when a patient is admitted who has been on CSII, is whether to continue the CSII or revert back to MDI of insulin. In this course, we will explore when it is appropriate to leave the patient on CSII, when to consider reverting to multiple injections and how to manage an insulin pump in LTC when it is determined to be the preferred method of treatment. Videos, pictures and links to pertinent web sites are included to enhance the learning experience.

About the author:
"After an enjoyable 13 years working as a RN in positions ranging from staff nurse to DNS, I returned to school and received my FNP credentials. My passion in nursing has always been to help people who have diabetes and I continued that passion as a NP. It first led to becoming certified as a Diabetes Educator and then the founding the first 2 nationally recognized Diabetes Education Programs in Montana. I have served on various boards that influence the care of people with diabetes. I am proud to be a published author in The Diabetes Educator and Diabetes Care journals. My most satisfying accomplishments, other than the privilege of caring for so many special people who have diabetes, has been receiving recognition by my peers in the Montana Chapter of the American Diabetes Association and the Montana Diabetes Project (a state subgroup of the CDC) and founding my own company- LIV-A-BETES™ (let’s take the ‘di’ out of diabetes)."

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