At Home Care Company Hopewell Health Care Now Helping Tallahassee Clients Manage Medication

Tallahassee, FL, August 19, 2012 --( Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida the leading at home care specialists Hopewell Health Care have recently added a new service to the company’s growing medical solutions catalogue. The company will now be assisting patients from across the state on the proper management of medications in order to ensure that their patients are taking their medication at the prescribed time, utilizing their medication responsibly, and achieving the desired results for each medication.

One of the most important elements in caring for seniors is to ensure that they are taking their required medication according to a prescribed schedule created by their doctor. Almost 40% of seniors in America today cannot read their medication bottles, and therefore have little understanding on how and when to take their medicine. There are many potentially serious consequences that can arise as a result of this issue, including hospitalization and even death in extreme cases. Now through the new strategies employed by the Geriatric Care Specialists at Hopewell Health Care, patients will be provided with qualified guidance on how to take their medications correctly and safely.

This medication management service from the team of nurses at Hopewell Health Care includes having a nurse visit the patient on a weekly basis in order to fill their pill boxes. This service is essential in ensuring that patients know about their medication, when to take it, and why they are taking this drug. During these weekly visits, the registered nurse will educate each patient about their medications, review the patient for signs of side effects from the medication and notify the patient's doctor if any adverse side effects are observed.

In addition, the medical professionals employed at Hopewell Health Care will check for signs that the patient is complying with the medication regimen set out by their doctor. If any changes are noted during the visit, the patient’s family will be notified immediately. This type or in-home oversight by a Hopewell RN, ensures that their patients have fast access to professional medical experts on a regular basis.

For those who might be immobile or otherwise unable to leave their home, a member of the Hopewell Health Care team can pick up their medication from the pharmacy and deliver it directly to the patient’s home. As a result, Hopewell's patients stay on schedule with their medications and never miss a dose.

Helping seniors across Tallahassee receive needed at home care so they can continue to age in place is Hopewell's goal. Hopewell Health Care continues to be a leading provider of in-home health care services and Geriatric Care Management in Tallahassee and Panama City. To learn more about the organization, visit their website at:
Hopewell Care
Brian Moran