Make the Best of Code Review with New Visual Studio Add-in by Devart

Devart has released Review Assistant, a peer code review tool, developed to keep track of defects and code discussions while maintaining a light-weight approach to code inspection.

Budapest, Hungary, August 22, 2012 --( Welcome the final release of Review Assistant - code review tool. This tool was developed to facilitate the code review process and will comply with the requirements of the most demanding developers.

Devart Team has been developing and perfecting Review Assistant by using it in the everyday working process, in hopes it will help other companies, striving to improve code quality while saving time and money.

Key features:

Integration into Visual Studio allows users to concentrate on the working process, inspection of colleagues work and leaving notes within the project context. Track other users' comments right in the IDE.

Simple code review process relieves developers of the tedious formal meetings. Their Visual Studio add-in is easy in setting up and usage, flexible workflow settings can be adapted to your existing review schemes.

Integration with popular VCS's makes it easy for all users to start code review whether you use TFS, SVN or Hg.

Threaded code discussion enables developers to mark comments as defects, discuss comments, track discussions – all this without formal meetings.

Formal reviews include primary roles, defined but non-restrictive work-flows

Ad-hoc reviews provide an opportunity to leave an inline comment, mark it as a defect and assign a person to fix it – without starting formal review process.

Integration with code comparison tools means that Review Assistant integrates with code comparison software to facilitate code change tracking. Developers can try out Code Compare Pro, Devart's popular tool.

Free Edition makes it possible to try out a product version in a small team to evaluate a product, benefiting from the full version's features, only having a max user limitation.


Check out Review Assistant purchase page and learn about the editions available.

Download code review tool now and evaluate the benefits of the fully-featured trial version for free during a 30-day period.

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Julia Samarska