London Gold and Commodities Exchange Upgrades Current Online Trading Platform

London Gold and Commodities Exchange, an internationally acclaimed broker for futures, foreign exchange, equities and options with a main office located in the United Kingdom, today informed its active clients about the major upgrade of its current online trading platform.

London, United Kingdom, August 22, 2012 --( “With our well-improved online trading platform, our clients will benefit from our enhanced foreign exchange charting as well as a wide array of new trading features and other improvements,” said Mr. Sean Stuart, London Gold and Commodities Exchange CEO and Managing Director.

The new version of London Gold and Commodities Exchange Trade Online Navigator includes an advanced trading basket and improved trade order control tools through market depth screen. It also features new Managed Account Trading tool that is designed for multiple account holders utilizing one or even manifold trading strategies. This means that traders are now able to manage numerous accounts using the newly upgraded trading platform all in real time.

Aside from the Java-based charting feature of the new version of the trading platform, it has also advanced features of Ichimoku charts and Fibonnaci tools and archives of data history from a decade back up to the latest chart ticks. “The inclusion of the new charting element is combined with decision support functionalities for numerous users at no additional charges,” added Mr. Stuart.

“With the augmented currency markets volatility, our entire company is seeing for potential volume increase in short term trading,” said Mr. Sean Stuart. “London Gold and Commodities Exchange extremely stiff spreads create a massive difference to customers’ profits at these current levels of highly elevated frequency trading. We are working on the enhancement of our clients’ profitability as we consider it as our win-win viewpoint that lies behind the perpetual level of customer preservation and investment growth,” added Mr. Stuart.

To take advantage of the newly enhanced online trading platform, London Gold and Commodities Exchange encourages its clients to visit its website and register to avail the offering. Clients must have at least one or more trading accounts with London Gold and Commodities Exchange. A free demo of the new version of the online trading platform is also available upon request.
Kevin Alden