Montreal Area Website Design Company Launches New Affiliate Program

Oomph Studios Website Design and Branding improves its rewards program by converting it to an affiliate program.

Montreal, Canada, August 23, 2012 --( Montreal region Website Design Agency, Oomph Studios has just announced improvements to their pre-existing Oomph Rewards Program. Effective this past August 16th, the program was officially converted to an affiliate program offering generous incentives to affiliates.

Owner and self-proclaimed Chief Web Design Geek at Oomph Studios, Kelly Sims, explained reasons behind the move to an affiliate program, "While the rewards program was working well, it just didn't have the flexibility that an affiliate program would offer. With the rewards program, members weren't able to track how many clicks they were getting, so it was a little like selling a product blindly, without knowing if your efforts were paying off. The only way an affiliate would know if they'd earned commissions was when I contacted them to let them know. Other than that, they had no way to know if anyone was even clicking on their affiliate links. Some members were understandably frustrated with this."

The Oomph Rewards Program was previously based on promotions. Each month Oomph Studios would offer a deal which members would promote with a coupon code specific to that member. Although the web design company will continue offering deals and incentives to their customers and prospective customers, affiliates will now be able to promote any service they choose to promote, offering further flexibility. Sims clarified, "There are numerous ways that an affiliate can choose to promote our products. They can do so on their website, blog, in social media, to their email lists, using adwords, the possibilities are endless, and now thanks to the new program, they will be able to choose which product they would like to promote as well."

The program works much like other affiliate programs. Members log in to a control panel and gain access to banner ads as well as text ads. Members are also able to create their own ads using their unique affiliate ID link. "If an affiliate would like to promote our Website-in-a-Week service, they can choose a banner ad, or a text ad for this item available to them when they log in to the affiliate program control panel. If for some reason they don't like our ads, they are free to create their own using their affiliate ID."

The affiliate program will continue to offer the same commission structure as the reward program. That is 10% of any sale referred by an affiliate to Oomph Studios will be paid to the referring affiliate. This includes any and all services as well as any design projects performed on an hourly basis.

Oomph Studios provides website and graphic design services to clients worldwide. To learn more about the company, or to register for the affiliate program visit
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