Destruction to Fashion - the Creation of Eco Jewelry from Storm Damaged Trees by Starlight Woods

Starlight Woods is an eco friendly start up that creates one of a kind jewelry and key chains from storm damaged trees to live on forever. The destructive storms of the summer of 2011 did more than destroy - they inspired a new creation.

Cresco, PA, August 23, 2012 --( Storms can be destructive and life changing as we all know. For Lisa DiSciascio of Starlight Woods, they were life changing as well. The summer of 2011 brought on so many storms that cut off power for days at a time, brought down trees all over the roads, blocked traffic, fell on houses, there was destruction everywhere. Lisa being an optimist by nature always trying to find the glimmer of hope in a hopeless situation, looked around and saw an opportunity. With so many down tree branches, there had to be a way to salvage and create. Starlight Woods was born. Key chains were the first creation, hand painted at the kitchen table with her two daughters, this brought joy and killed the boredom of all those days with no power. Just a short time later, they found a home for the hand made. is where you can find their creations. After listing many items in their shop, it just grew in leaps and bounds. They created rings, earrings, pendants... each one becoming more popular than the next.

The most recent excitement for Starlight Woods was being featured in Real Simple Magazine August 2012 issue. Each day is more exciting than the next.

For this eco friendly start up with more ideas sprouting every day, stay tuned for what comes next.
Starlight Woods
Lisa DiSciascio