Local Gym Challenges Members to Lose 2 Jeans Sizes in 8 Weeks

Wexford, PA, August 23, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Interested in dropping two jeans sizes by Thanksgiving while the majority will gain over the holidays? Well Defined Fitness, located in Wexford, has your solution with their 3rd Annual “Rock Your Jeans Challenge.”

While many people use a scale to measure weight loss, Defined Fitness is changing their approach by throwing out the scale and using jean sizes instead. “In the past anytime a new member would come in we would always get their body fat percentage and body weight, but that’s not the real reason someone joins a gym or hires a personal trainer. They do so because they want to look better and feel better about their appearance. If their clothes are fitting better and they are looking better in them that is the real reason they came to us in the first place. So as a result we’ve taken the focus off of the scale completely and started to put the focus on their jean size,” explained Tammy Zubasic, co-owner of Defined Fitness.

The goal of the challenge is to drop 1-2 jeans sizes over 8-weeks. When members register they are to bring in a pair of jeans that is 1-2 sizes too small, basically they can’t be able to button them. Then over the next 8 weeks they will periodically try on their jeans and by the end of the challenge they are wearing jeans that are a smaller size. According to Zubasic, in the three years that they’ve run this challenge everyone who completes it always fits into their jeans.

All participants who enroll in the challenge will receive an 8-week gym membership, a fitness program, unlimited Group Personal Training, progress meetings, a “Rock Your Jeans” nutrition journal, t-shirt, and everyone who fits into their jeans will receive a gift card to use toward a new pair of jeans.

Defined Fitness will be running their 3rd Annual “Rock Your Jeans” Challenge starting September 24th and will kick it off with a presentation at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday September 20th and then a “Rock Your Jeans” kickoff workout Saturday morning September 22nd at 10 a.m. For more information or to register email at tammy@definedfitnesswexford.com or call 724-934-2000.
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Josh Proch