MoZeus Worldwide Implements Video and Signature Capture Into Smart Activator on IOS

MoZeus Worldwide announces the implementation of video and signature capture into the iOS version of their SMART Activator platform allowing brands to capture videos of consumers, as well as “approval” signatures.

Atlanta, GA, August 23, 2012 --( MoZeus Worldwide, a mobile-marketing and content-management software company, is pleased to announce the implementation of Video and Signature capture into the iOS version of their SMART Activator platform. This update allows brands to capture video of consumers via mobile devices, as well as to capture “approval” signatures for authorization.

The MoZeus SMART Video System allows clients to create exciting programs by integrating branded assets into the feed and end result. Video campaigns can include signature collection software that allows brands to get consent from the consumer to use the footage for future marketing campaigns (television commercials, internet ads, etc.)

“SMART Video and Signature Capture are amazing engagement tools that allow brands to quickly capture and receive approval on the SMART Activator for iOS,” said Charles Jones, Chief Operating Officer of MoZeus Worldwide. “These features allow clients to collect valuable personal data quickly and cost effectively, all while engaging consumers in an unobtrusive way. It’s a great tool to create viral campaigns as well, with the videos going directly to their inbox with the ability to share on social networks.”

MoZeus has worked with approximately 200 brands, agencies and sports properties to leverage the SMART Activator for more than 100,000 event days, which has resulted in ten million unique leads and 25 million survey questions answered. The SMART Activator has become the most-used marketing application in the world by offering a cutting-edge technology platform that allows companies to engage consumers and provide real-time value for brands.

For more information on MoZeus Worldwide or to learn more about the launch of the SMART Applicator’s upcoming iOS app version, visit or call 1-888-YMOZEUS (966-9387).
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Bill Sluben