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Axacore FaxBridge™ Ensures Reliable Internet Fax Transmissions Using Traditional Fax Machines

San Diego, CA, August 23, 2012 --( Axacore understands that technology adoption is different for every company. To help bridge the gap between paper and fax, Axacore recently introduced FaxBridge to help customers that choose to send faxes using traditional machines in addition to their industry leading FoIP system, FaxAgent Server™. FaxBridge can easily connect a fax machine to the FaxAgent Server to ensure reliable transmissions using the newest technologies.

Even though the protocol to send faxes over the internet (T.38) was created in the late 1990’s, many companies are still figuring out the best technologies and platforms to integrate voice, fax and data resources. At the same time, they continue to be heavily reliant on faxing as a critical business process. A good portion still feed paper through traditional fax machines.

For those companies, using a traditional machine not connected to FaxAgent Server often results in losing faxes due to poor transmissions and time wasted waiting by the fax machine for the dial tone. Axacore CEO Traci Basil says FaxBridge ensures that even these faxes are delivered in real -time while eliminating the chances of latency or unsuccessful deliveries.

Fax machines can be located anywhere and used as secure fax terminals when connected to FaxBridge devices. FaxBridge devices auto provision and do not require any software configuration.

Axacore is the only fax specialist with a simplified FAX Server built with the newest technologies that’s reliable, secure and can be easily configured for present and future services.

Axacore understands the need for companies and their employees to send and receive faxes regardless of location or device. FaxAgent is web-based to provide users instant access from their desktop, iPhone, iPad, Smart phone, tablet or laptop. All data and settings are stored on the FaxAgent Server.

End users rely on FaxAgent to improve the efficiency of their fax processes by sending and receiving faxes directly through Outlook or their web email provider. FaxAgent can be deployed in a single location or expanded through its web architecture to support multiple office branches.

Ready to Deploy/ Unlimited Users
FaxAgent is an embedded Server designed to fax-enable an organization without costly reconfigurations. It’s tested and certified to accommodate medium size to carrier-level environments, and no operating system or application software is required. It’s shipped configured and ready to use. There are no complex licensing agreements or hidden costs.

Newest Technologies
The FaxAgent Server is shipped with 1 Terabyte (TB) of storage (about 15 million fax pages). Administrators can purge faxes from the system and/or utilize an external storage system (NAS or SAN). The server specifications are as follows:
64-BIT Quad Core Processor
Gigabit Ethernet Ports
1 TB Storage Array
Hot-swap removable disk bays
Integrated RAID controller
Rack Mountable 1U
Flexible Reporting/ Integrated Archiving
End users can track fax activity by running reports filtered by user, department, and domain and billing code. FaxAgent also provides an archive of all critical fax transmissions.

Customer Support
FaxAgent Customer Support Agents are U.S.-based, accessible, responsive, and trained specifically to help their customers with the latest FoIP server technology.

For more information or to request a demo, please visit
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