SoCal Manufacturer Unveils First Combination Surf Ski and Fishing Kayak

Malibu Kayaks LLC introduces the Express, a surf ski that doubles as a fishing vessel, aimed at paddlers who enjoy calm waters to fish along with ocean waves to ride. This combination kayak is a first in the market, and the manufacturer hopes to make waves with outdoor enthusiasts who want a lot more recreation options in the water.

Paramount, CA, August 23, 2012 --( Malibu Kayaks, a Southern California kayak manufacturer, is unveiling a surf ski that fisherman are paying attention to: the Express. The company’s new 2012 model is attracting attention due to its ability to function as a fishing kayak in addition to being used to ride waves. Combining both fishing and surfing attributes is a first in the kayak and canoe markets.

The Express is an update to the 4.4, a now discontinued Malibu Kayaks model. While the 4.4 was designed strictly as the company’s best surf ski option, the Express contains important modifications making it suitable for recreational angling, including the addition of fishing rod holders, bungee storage, and dry storage.

“Fishing is the dominant sport in the US and the rest of the world when it comes to kayaks, but kayak surfing is starting to catch on,” said a representative from Malibu Kayaks. “With the Express, we can introduce this exciting water sport to active fisherman who may be looking for other ways to have fun out on the sea. Now, staying closer to shore and riding the waves can be one of those options.”

Malibu Kayaks models are offered in three different packages: Standard, Recreational, and Fish & Dive. Serious surfers can stick to kayak surfing by opting for the Standard or Recreational packages, which offer fewer fishing accessories. Hardcore anglers turning surfers can opt for the Fish & Dive option and even turn their surf kayak into more a fishing vessel with additional accessories, provided by Crack of Dawn Paddle Sports, the sister company of Malibu Kayaks.

The company also offers a smaller lightweight kayak strictly built for surfing and paddling: the 3.4. At a strict weight capacity of 140 pounds, this boat accommodates the lightest and fittest riders. The Express is more forgiving, with a weight capacity of 240 pounds.

For additional information on the Express or on Malibu Kayaks, contact Mark Adams or visit Malibu Kayaks are available through various dealers nationally and worldwide.
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