V1rtualdesires Launches "Loki Land" a Social Networking Virtual 3D World

Gaylord, MI, August 23, 2012 --(PR.com)-- 3D Toon company V1rtualDesires launches Loki Land, a 3D MMOG Interactive 3D Virtual World.

V1rtualDesires has launched their 3D Toon World “Loki Land” (http://www.lokiland3d.com) created on the Utherverse platform.

Loki Land features over 60 virtual locations 20 of which are large venues such as clubs, auction house, travel agency, arcade, casino, brothel, strip club and shopping areas.

Members of Loki Land download the free Loki Land software client & then create their free account & virtual representation of themselves (Avatar) that can later be customized to better fit their look and style, Once members launch the Loki Land client they "land" in the city where they will able to immerse themselves into a completely 3D Virtual world environment where they can interact with real people just like themselves inside the various venues of not only Loki Land but other worlds built inside the Utherverse platform.

Members wanting to experience more of Loki Land can upgrade to “VIP” status which will allow them various perks such as their own apartment they can customize, access to the marketplace where they can buy and sell the in world currency “Rays,” access to the community closet where they can buy clothing to fully customize their avatar, access to the property catalog where members can rent a variety of properties and The ability to get nude and perform adult acts with other members (or “Bots” also known as “NPC” Non Playing Characters)

The utherverse platform is similar to other 3D worlds, but with a much more friendly user interface and ease of use controls, no matter what your level of computer knowledge is you’ll be able to navigate and utilize all the features of Loki Land with ease.

“We really see this as the future of social networking, Utherverse’s platform gives the perfect marriage of all the popular social networking sites and infuses it with a MMO (Massive Multiplayer online game) look and feel,. said Jason “Loki” Smith the co-founder of Loki Land.

Another exciting aspect is the Social Center (social.lokiland3d.com) where each member has the ability to create and maintain their own profiles where they can keep photo albums, blog posts, and status updates similar to Facebook or Twitter. Using the social center members can find other members who share similar interests, this makes networking and meeting new people a matter of a few point and clicks.

If you are ready to experience Loki Land please visit http://www.lokiland3d.com today and download the Loki Land client and create your free account, and if you would like more information about Loki Land please contact: Loki@lokiland3d.com For more information on the Utherverse platform please contact business@utherverse.com
Jason 'Loki' Smith