Webhiker LLC Creates New Carpet Stain Guide

Consumers are looking to do more of the tasks they normally use professionals for, and this includes cleaning and repairing their own carpets using resources like the New Carpet Stain Guide from Webhiker LLC.

Naples, FL, August 23, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Internet publisher Webhiker LLC just announced the launch of The Carpet Stain Guide, the newest addition to their informational website collection.

Located at http://www.carpetstainguide.com the new site offers advice on maintaining floors and many ways to extend the life of carpeting in order to save money on replacement. The primary purpose, however, is to provide step-by-step instructions for removing most carpet stains from carpeting. More than twenty common stains are already covered, and new pages covering less-common stains are added regularly.

The site also covers carpet repair, with one page that guides do-it-yourselfers through the repair process for cigarette burns. This is one of the most common sources of damage, according to founder Steve Gillman. There are also instructions on how to larger repairs which may involve cutting out and replacing worn or stained carpeting.

Specific stain types are covered with at least one basic technique that has been proven to work. Many have two or more techniques explained in detail. Easy-to-follow instructions are a part of every "stain" page, and videos are also included on most pages. These sometimes demonstrate the method described, or they show another way to remove a particular stain form a carpet.

The website sell nothing directly. It was created as an objective source of information and tutorials. Products from other websites are advertised, and there are recommendations, but Gillman says they are only compensated for the advertising, not for specific recommendations or content. This policy is meant to keep the how-to guide impartial.

Steve Gillman, who is co-owner of Webhiker LLC (with his wife), says, "Consumers are looking for ways to save money by doing what they used to pay outside companies for. Fortunately, most people can remove carpet stains using simple instructions like the ones we are providing on our new website." Gillman was a cleaning technician for many years before he and his wife built their internet publishing business.
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Steve Gillman