Jews Really do Have Horns; Rabbi Turns Anti-Semitic Mantra Into Education Tool, Manufacturing Shofars for Jewish New Year

Jacksonville, FL, August 24, 2012 --( Seriously?! Seriously. Put a yarmulke on your head and see what kind of questions you get asked. An errant mistranslation from the Book of Exodus had Michelangelo depicting Moses with horns. The rest is history.

But triceratops aside, as the Jewish New Year approaches the Jewish community braces for a real horn of a different sort. The climactic echelon of the New Year service consists of the blasting of the ancient Shofar horn, derived traditionally from a ram, goat or kudu.

“The call of the Shofar is a call to action, while serving as an alarm clock of sorts awakening us to better ourselves, it is also reminiscent of a baby’s cry, beckoning his father’s mercy and compassion,” said Rabbi Shmuli Novack, spiritual leader Chabad of Southside.

To help the community learn more about the significance of the Shofar, on Sep. 9th 11am Chabad of Southside will put on “The Shofar Factory” a hands on workshop assisting participants to actually manufacture a real, kosher, functioning Shofar horn.

At The Factory, before an impressive display of animal horns, experienced craftsmen guide participants through the step-by-step process of crafting a shofar.

Once the work begins, volunteers are called up to separate the shofar from the core, clean and measure the cured horn. Volunteers then saw off the solid end of the shofar and help drill the mouthpiece. The horn is cleared, tested and polished, and the delighted participants learn how to blow the shofar.

The Shofar Factory is guaranteed to engage and inspire one and all for Rosh Hashanah – The Jewish New Year.

Sunday, September 9th 11am at Chabad of Southside. $12.99 to make and take your own shofar, $3.99 to participate. RSVP on our site

Media is invited to this riveting, artisan, multimedia experience. Great visuals.
Chabad Lubavitch of Southside, Inc.
Shmuel Novack