Zoo Hero - Fantastic iOS Game Now Available Worldwide

Beijing-based mobile gaming company EGGsist Ltd has just published its second free mobile game worldwide in the Apple App Store, after an initial release in Canada.

Beijing, China, August 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Zoo Hero is for all the animal-loving mobile gamers around the world. The innovative game controls and truly unprecedented multi-player functionality make it easy and great fun to play.

In Zoo Hero, Pippo the Hippo needs your help to break free of his enclosure, get past Rufus the zookeeper, and escape to freedom. Armed with the power of a trampoline, you guide Pippo through obstacles and traps while collecting power-ups, to destroy the zoo fence.

Zoo Hero comes with a revolutionary multi-player function: put two iPhones on the table, next to each other, to join screens: create one giant death match arena and duel your friends' trampoline skills. Place traps and obstacles in your friends' way and make them weep and demand a rematch.

Single player mode features 20 increasingly difficult levels for you to help Pippo get out of his cage. Burgers, wind blowers, huge elephants, and pesky whales make Pippo’s path to freedom challenging and entertaining.

The game's control style and physical capabilities give you easy and user-friendly control of Pippo's movements. The trampoline can be moved right, left, up and down, and can even been tilted to add amazing spin effects to help Pippo get by Rufus, the despicable zookeeper.

Have you always wanted to help animals escape the zoo? Now it's your chance. Download Zoo Hero for free at the Apple App Store: goo.gl/FcXQe

More freedom-seeking animals and compelling levels will be added with future game updates.

Screenshots and videos available at http://zoo-hero.com
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