Arizona Publisher Opens Call for New Submissions

Mesa, AZ, August 24, 2012 --( Leading Arizona Sci-Fi and Fantasy Publisher Brick Cave Books, a division of Brick Cave Media, announces their call for manuscripts for full length books as well as a call for stories and art for an upcoming Anthology collection called Vortex SFA.

Brick Cave Books is currently accepting manuscripts for review between now and September 30th, 2012. The organization asks for the first 3 chapters of work, and the author is welcome to write in any genre, although they are reminded the specialty of BCBooks is Science Fiction and Fantasy. Says CEO Bob Nelson, “We are looking to be able to expand cautiously a little, we have some flexibility to add some authors to our 4-6 titles per year goal, and we’d like to add some authors that fit will with our current talent, but still stretch us out a little in content.”

In addition to full length manuscripts, the publisher is looking to accept stories up to 10,000 words as well as artwork for a new collection they are entitling Vortex SFA. The first book, due in 2013, is themed for "comedy science fiction." Explains Bob, “We recently lost Harry Harrison, a forefather to humorous sci-fi. We had been working on our guidelines for some time, and with that news we decided to shift into overtime and really start to look for new authors that capture the fun and funny in space. The Series overall is intended to both let authors try us out as a publisher as well as help us find new talent to publish. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Complete guidelines for both programs are available on the organization’s website at

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