Love An Elder Day – Community Celebrations of Our Oldest Neighbors

Nationally recognized nonprofit puts the very old in the spotlight, offering neighbors and the media an affirmative model for responding to the rapidly aging population.

New York, NY, August 24, 2012 --( Lifeforce in Later Years, Inc. is proud to proclaim October 1st as “Love An Elder Day” and offers the very old, their friends, neighbors, caregivers, and communities an exciting platform to celebrate each other. Recognizing the fact that the vast majority of frail and very old seniors are happiest when allowed to live in their own homes or the homes of loved ones, Love An Elder puts needed focus on how age-friendly communities and individual actions dramatically impact the quality of living for people over 80.

Launched in New York and coinciding with the United Nation’s International Day of Older Persons, Love An Elder Day is the first time the living members of the “Greatest Generation” have enjoyed coordinated recognition. Calling on neighborhood groups and individuals to get involved, the sponsor’s Love An Elder Day website ( offers suggested individual actions, greeting cards, games, student and congregation member activities, and more to spur celebrations. In New York City, organizers will host day-of-service events and participate in local street fairs as well as a print ad campaign in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. Mayor Mike Bloomberg has given official proclamations in Love An Elder Day’s first year and planners hope to seed national events beginning in 2013.

Many seniors live alone, often far away from family or in nursing homes far from the public eye and from those who know them. For Irene Zola, AARP’s Inspire Award Winner for 2012, increasing the visibility of our seniors is the initiative’s ultimate goal. “In LiLY’s Morningside Village where seniors are matched with volunteer community caregivers, our elders are seen and heard. Did you know that without a helping hand, some seniors in apartment buildings here, with their heavy lobby doors, would not even be able to see the outside world? Simple acts of kindness mean a world of difference to an elder and through Love An Elder Day, more doors can be opened and more connections to care made,” says Ms. Zola.

Family and neighbors are an elderly person’s lifeline to doctors’ care, food, mobility, and perhaps most importantly fun, laughter, and emotional support. Love An Elder Day’s website at “” offers users a variety of fun and easy ways to take action in support of the elderly from any location. New Yorkers are already supporting the initiative as “Love An Elder Day” action heroes, committing to do five pro-elder actions during the week of festivities, from September 30th – October 6th 2012.

Contact: Love An Elder is an initiative of Lifeforce in Later Years (“LiLY”), a 501c nonprofit New York State corporation,) dedicated to improving the quality of life for the fastest growing group of Americans, those over the age of 80. For more information or to schedule an interview with Irene Zola, t: 917-775-1199 or Visit LoveAnElder at, or
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