Launches Printer and Printing Freelance and Shopping Marketplace Aimed at the Printing Industry, T-Shirt and Printable Material Lover

The Freelance and T-shirt Marketplace will provide a great avenue for designers to source for business, showcase their work while at the same time giving t-shirt lovers an avenue to source for quality work and super prices.

Baltimore, MD, August 23, 2012 --( According to a recent study, the US T-shirt market totaled more than $23 billion from 2008-2011, up 2.7 percent from the prior year. For decades a fashion staple for men and women, kids and adults, T-shirts have enjoyed solid sales over the last 20 years. Although the economy has sharply dropped apparel sales and prices across the nation, the speed to market opportunities for t-shirts dramatically increase sales opportunities, in general, keeping this market afloat and growing steady. This upward trend has also been influenced by the new emerging printing technologies like Direct to Garment printing (DTG), automated screen printing techniques and much more. Besides, the proliferation of a great deal of skilled graphic designers coupled with individuals unique styles and desire for custom products has also contributed a great deal to this Industry., a Print software solution provider, announced the recent launch of their parallel printing marketplace and project board for print related services. Members of will be able to tap into this market from within the site in several dynamic ways; post freelance print and graphic design opportunities, including print related software development, programming and list their creative products for sale on the marketplace, including sell of overstock, business and equipment. At the same time, besides print enthusiast, suppliers and service provides will be able to browse posted projects and jobs and submit proposals or bids or relevant services, market their services and products with direct payment and escrow capabilities to protect both seller and buyer, and trade or exchange services. has been model based on research from successful reverse auction sites like ebay while merging a very necessary freelance function to drive the site's overall dynamism. Sellers are able to track sells, buyer communicates directly with service provider and ability to handle payment from within the system or outside of it if so desired. also offers members a comprehensive mix of marketing and trade tools to simplify buyer experience and seller efforts. These tools include a generous referral program, a proffered vendor advertising space, customer reviews and ratings, as well as private messaging boards, and many more communication vehicles. Their easily accessible sales tracking information keeps members up-to-date on their market status.

"We hope to provide a one-stop-marketplace for the print technology with purposeful solutions and great customer experience," says Robert Bubba (Baba Lanna), President of "In addition to this, we will be looking to constantly improve the services and customer experience through innovation and research. We do listen to our customers views as their experience informs us on the needs and future direction of the business."

*World market and USA textile import data shows a steady increase in the texitle import business despite a harsh global economic forecast over the same periods.

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About is a new entrant in the Print and T-shirt retail marketplace. Founded earlier this year April 2012 and headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the company specializes in developing garment printing facing marketplace solutions and applications that meet business and consumer needs. The company hopes to place it's technologies and solutions in the fore-front of the printing industry.

*U.S. IMPORTS Data, June 6, 2012.

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