VideoGameCentral to Offer Digital Downloads

VideoGameCentral offering Direct to Drive Services Q4 of 07.

New York, NY, June 29, 2007 --( Starting Q4 of 2007 VideoGameCentral will be adding Digital Downloads to the online catalog. The Download service will include classic, new & exclusive PC titles.

"The Gamers of Today Want Instant Gaming Gratification & in a time where the speed of internet broadband has met a good percentage of our global gaming world, we feel that this service will find good results within our community" - VGC

Well, what if something goes wrong many gamers ask? Many feel that non-physical media is too risky.

"We understand the plights of many or our gamers, and we assure them they will always have the same high level of customer service if they decide to take part in the next-level of gaming delivery". "Now they have more choices, better service & total "gamification" as we would like to call it." -VGC

Overall it's suggested that PC gamers will get more bang for their buck with this new service.

The Downloadble Game Service should hit the early part of Q4.

David Scarpitta