Fort Systems Limited Announces Its Newest Flagship Software, BarricadeMX

BarricadeMX takes antispam filtering to the next level. With BarricadeMX spam stays on the spammers server, not yours. You benefit from less spam, less processing, less storage in your quarantine and your legitimate emails arrive faster to your users. Their spam server detection catches over 95% of spam immediately without any content scanning.

Washington, DC, June 29, 2007 --( Fort Systems Ltd, an international software provider, has recently launched BarricadeMX, a top of the line anti-spam filtering application.

A new lightweight, small footprint computer-based application, Barricade MX features a level of spam filtering unrivaled in today’s industry. Designed to sit in front of one or more Mail Transfer Agents on SMTP port 25, Barricade MX acts as a proxy, filtering and forwarding mail to one or more MTAs.

Equipped with a variety of spam filtering tests, BarricadeMX may be configured to run on multiple gateways. It is much more efficient than any typical MTA, gracefully handling more simultaneous incoming connections. BarricadeMX greatly reduces the load on existing email systems by correctly rejecting most spam and dangerous email before these messages are accepted for delivery.

In addition to being a reliable and powerful spam blocking solution, BarricadeMX is also extremely easy to install and maintain. Most customers install the program in only 15 minutes.

“They thought there was something wrong with the spam filter because there was nothing in the quarantine… They were happy that they did not have [to] wade through all the junk but were so unaccustomed to not having any email there they were shocked”
- Actual client comment after implementing BarricadeMX

FSL offers its customers choices with simplified and extended functionality at reasonable fees. They strongly believe in and support open source software as a fast emerging alternative to commercial software and understand the need of customers to have expert, dependable support ready for mission critical source applications.

For more information on BarricadeMX and Fort Systems Limited please contact Robin Bains, Business Development Manager, at 866.484.5669 or by email at

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