BarricadeMX Eliminates the Need for Spam Quarantines

Unless you really enjoy looking for the nuggets of mislabeled email in you spam quarantine folders, you should have your IT department test BarricadeMX, the latest in anti-spam software from Fort Systems Ltd. Spam quarantines are now a "thing of the past". BarricadeMX uses a new and... - April 15, 2009

Fort Systems Ltd Offers Bailout for Struggling Email Servers Everywhere

Fort Systems Ltd. (FSL) today announced an Emergency Bailout Program to help email servers overloaded by leaky anti-spam systems. The new Fort System’s TARP (Tactical Anti-spam Replacement Plan) offers world class, complete anti-spam and anti-virus applications with prices starting at $0.00... - March 02, 2009

BarricadeMX Version 2.2 Anti-Spam Software Released

Fort Systems Ltd. has released a new version of BarricadeMX, the popular anti-spam software for commercial email gateways. BarricadeMX is used by ISPs and ASPs world-wide to filter inbound and outbound e-mail for spam, viruses and phishing schemes. BarricadeMX has been popular for large sites because of its speed, accuracy, efficiency, licensing model and associated cost savings. - January 24, 2009

Fort Systems Limited Announces Its Newest Flagship Software, BarricadeMX

BarricadeMX takes antispam filtering to the next level. With BarricadeMX spam stays on the spammers server, not yours. You benefit from less spam, less processing, less storage in your quarantine and your legitimate emails arrive faster to your users. Their spam server detection catches over 95% of spam immediately without any content scanning. - June 29, 2007

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