Okyanos Heart Institute Provides Sponsorship to the Grand Bahama Sailing Club

CEO Matt Feshbach and Okyanos Heart Institute Staff Donate Sponsorships for Children to Attend Local Sailing Camp.

Freeport, Bahamas, The, August 25, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Matt Feshbach, CEO of Okyanos Heart Institute (http://www.okyanos.com/), which brings a new standard of care and a better quality of life to patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) using cardiac cell therapy, has announced the donation of 10 sponsorships for children to attend a two-week session of summer sailing camp offered by the Grand Bahama Sailing Club, a nonprofit sailing organization. Each sponsorship includes the cost of attending the camp and all meals.

Located in Freeport, the Grand Bahama Sailing Club is the only sailing program on Grand Bahama Island. Founded in 2006, the program provides sailing opportunities for local Freeport residents as well as the East and West End communities of the island. The Grand Bahama Sailing Club was developed by organized volunteers committed to teaching and educating the community about sailing. Beginning its first summer camp with 25 to 35 children, the program has expanded to provide sailing opportunities to 122 participants, with 52 children attending through organization and private sponsorships.

“Okyanos Heart Institute is honored to support the Grand Bahama Sailing Club and provide sponsorships for children to attend the summer sailing camps,” said Feshbach. “The institute is deeply committed to our local community and we are committed to investing in the youth of our area as well. We know that a strong investment in our community’s children will yield positive results in the future of the Bahamas.”

“Okyanos is a firm believer in improving and advancing health and wellness for all individuals in all forms,” said Howard T. Walpole Jr., M.D., MBA, FACC, FACAI, FSCAI and chief medical officer for Okyanos Heart Institute. “We recognize and are advocates for the importance of establishing healthy habits across all generations, and understand that developing such a foundation at an early age can lead to a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle in the future.”

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-For more information about Grand Bahama Sailing Club and its summer sailing camps, visit www.grandbahamasailingclub.org.

About Okyanos Heart Institute:
Based in Freeport, the Bahamas, the Okyanos Heart Institute is a Center of Excellence (CoE) adhering to U.S. surgical center standards and led by Chief Medical Officer Howard T. Walpole Jr., M.D., MBA, FACC, FACAI, FSCAI, a leader of the American College of Cardiology for many years. The mission of Okyanos Heart Institute is to bring a new standard of care and a better quality of life to patients with chronic coronary artery disease using cardiac cell therapy. The Okyanos treatment utilizes cardiac cell therapy, a unique blend of stem and regenerative cells to support the growth of new blood vessels and to assist the heart in repairing tissue damaged by heart attack and disease. The Greek god of rivers, “Okyanos” symbolizes the primary mechanism of action that these adult stem cells have on ischemic (lack of blood flow) heart tissue, the result of the plaque deposits in the coronary arteries. The stem cells, derived from a person’s adipose (fat) tissue, create new blood vessels, a process known as angiogenesis. These cells facilitate blood flow in the heart and intake and use of oxygen, as measured by a rigorous clinical trial known as the PRECISE trial, as well as cardiac cell therapy trials at leading research institutions. For more information, visit http://www.okyanos.com/.

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