Wishdates Changes Its Name to HumanCloud

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, August 25, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Wishdates project began as a social dating service and at the moment has two growing applications for the major CIS social networks - vk.com and odnoklassniki.ru, and the website wishdates.com, with total user base base of 3.5 million people, and total funding $1,2 million.

But this summer, Wishdates is going through alterations, affecting the initial concept. In particular, it’s switching from social “just dating” to social discovery of an unprecedented scale. In the course of preparation for the European & the US roll-out Wishdates changes its title to HumanCloud, which is a much better fit for the new functionality, that serves your needs in meeting new people and socializing based on common interests. A new, revised version of the website HumanCloud.Me and a mobile app for iPhone & Android, as well as a mobile website are scheduled to launch in November 2012.

What is HumanCloud?

HumanCloud is your social guide to meeting new people by interests in your area, and matches individuals who can relate to each other on many different levels. In other words - it is an exciting new network for meeting like-minded folks nearby, enabled by social graph and powered by unique functionality. It mines public information on your interests and activity, automatically building a beautiful profile - your “digitized” social identity. Note that users have advanced control over their own privacy online, and can switch separate functions off and on, depending on the level of visibility preferred at the given moment. HumanCloud makes it easy to explore your social environment in real time:

- meet new people in your area, based on interests you have in common, chat and hang out together;
- find out what people around are buzzing about – check out Local Interests Stream;
- see what places are popular among like-minded people;
- view and comment on the shared content, even if it's posted through other popular social
resources, like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, G+;
- keep in touch with friends, new mates and their getting abouts;

HumanCloud makes your social graph work for you to solve the pain of finding like-minded people nearby, which none of the existing social networks have efficient tools to help you out with. Whether it’s chatting, networking, flirting, sports, fun, traveling, shopping or other types of social activities you’re looking for - it’s best done with HumanCloud app (or a website), equipped with unique functionality, and matching people, who otherwise could have never even met each other. And yes, your friends are also included in the app, meaning that you can reach them from HumanCloud, even if they’re not using it yet.

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Katerina Korolik