National Atheist Party Protests Kentucky Lawmakers' Attack on Evolution

Is Kentucky rejecting science? One national political party believes so and is fighting to preserve the separation of church and state, and America's world role as a science leader.

Florence, KY, August 25, 2012 --( GOP leaders in Kentucky state senate are questioning whether or not evolution should be taught in their state's biology classrooms. As reported in the Lexington Herald-Leader, state senator David Givens (R-District 9), and state representative Ben Waite (R-District 10) have expressed their displeasure with the newly proposed student standards which would require students to take tests which ensure a thorough understanding of evolution. Instead, the statesmen want creationism to be taught in state science classes as a valid scientific theory.

“We strongly protest Kentucky legislators for their ongoing anti-intellectual ignorance in the face of the established fact of evolution,” said Troy Boyle, the president of the National Atheist Party (NAP). He continued that, “In a state which earlier this year proposed over $50 million in education cuts, and over $43 million in tax cuts for the construction of a Noah’s Ark-themed amusement park, these statements set the stage for legislation that will set Kentucky children back over 150 years in their scientific understanding of the world around them. Further, biology is based upon the scientific method, which requires tested evidence as its basis for validity and proof. The teaching of a belief of any sort, which cannot be tested scientifically, does not belong in a science class. Science is a methodology, not a belief system.”

This public declaration was in response to comments made by both David Givens (R) and Ben Waite (R). Representative Waite was so bold as to claim that “Darwin made it (evolution) up,” and that “the theory of evolution has never stood up to scientific scrutiny.” Senator Givens told reporters from the Herald-Leader he hopes that “creationism is presented as a theory in the classroom, in a science classroom, alongside evolution.”

The National Atheist Party has expressed a deep concern regarding Kentucky lawmakers’ apparent disregard for the scientific competency of the state’s students. The NAP promotes the position that religious beliefs belong in believers’ homes and not in publicly funded schools. The NAP also wishes to stop what it believes are hidden faith-based organizations, which are going into public schools and advocating behavior from a religious perspective while actively hiding their religious affiliations in order to get around laws prohibiting them from doing so. The NAP does not wish to stop anyone from practicing their respective religion, rather, the organization advocates reinforcing the wall between church and state that was erected by our founding fathers -- a wall the NAP believes GOP lawmakers in the Kentucky state legislature are seeking to tear down.

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