PNP Inc is Offering the World's Most Powerful 12 Volt DC Appliances

By using their patented high power plug and socket PNP system creates unheard of performance in PNP products. The battery has hundreds of cranking amps available. Unlike regular 12 volt products which only use 10-12 amps of that power, Power Hunt products use up to 70 amps to provides the power to cook in minutes with no noticeable drain on your battery.

Tualatin, OR, August 25, 2012 --( It’s frustrating when with the normal 12 volt products that promise great things but turn out to be a flop. Most of customers have experienced this problem and thier expectations for 12 volt performance have been substantially reduced. PowerHunt's patented high performance products have now changed all that.

Historically, the problem with 12 volt products has been that regardless of how well the product was made, unless it was a fan or other product with a low power requirement, the cigarette lighter plug simply could not provide enough amperage to make it work. Simply put, cookware, heaters and other high amperage products would not work because of the limitations of the wiring and power source could not give them enough power to operate properly.

Now, PowerHunt products has raised the bar on these appliances by creating its own, unique power port and equipping their 12 volt products with the heavy gauge wiring and circuitry necessary to carry the amperage that is required in order for 12 volt products to perform like home appliances. By wiring directly to the battery, PowerHunts's patented power socket provides up to 70 amps of power, over 4 times the power available from a lighter socket. This allows the PowerHunt products which are equipped with a special plug to access this power and perform at unheard of levels. Compared to the 12-15 amps of power available through a cigarette lighter plug, the difference is phenomenal. For a change, 12 volt products actually do perform like home products.

PowerHunt understands the rigors of camping, fishing, and travel and has built their products to withstand them. All products are provided with a full year's warranty.

Their line of products includes microwave ovens, grills, griddles, and other cookware as well as heaters and personal convenience items. Testing has shown that all perform as promised.

The innovative changes in these products represents a new era in the field of 12 volt products. Instead of inverters and home appliances that are not built to withstand the out-of-home environment, outdoorsmen and travelers can now use high performance products that are specifically designed for rugged use.
Salah Hamed