Is the Age of the Record Deal Dead

Indianapolis musician, songwriter and worship leader Scott Wilder releases debut CD without major label support.

Greenwood, IN, June 30, 2007 --( Indianapolis based singer, songwriter, and worship leader Scott Wilder has released his debut CD, All I Need, on iTunes and “It used to be that to get any kind of exposure in the music world; you had to tour your butt off then hope that a record label would offer you The Deal. But the Web has made it possible for me to get my music out there, promote myself and keep the lion’s share of the revenue.”

A new wave of Internet tools has made is easier than ever to be your own record label. The key is to connect the dots and bring these tools together for the purpose of building your unique brand.

Social Networks are everywhere. MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Virb and Bebo are filled with people connecting to one another based on shared interests such as music, movies, and books. Becoming “Friends” with like-minded people is no different than identifying or creating a niche market. Scott’s tool of choice is Virb. “Virb lets me upload my entire songs for visitors to preview. I even make a few free to download. From there they can click on a link to take them to iTunes or Emusic.”

Free website creation tools are everywhere. Every website, including those already mentioned, seems to want you to sign up for an account and offers you your own profile page. Make use of that to drive people to a single page about your band, book, or movie.

Deal or No Deal? While many musicians crave the almighty record deal; Scott has moved in the opposite direction. “My music is a deeply personal endeavor. I can’t imagine giving up creative control or having to conform to some pre-arranged image in oder to sell CDs. Going the Indie route not only gives me the creative freedom I need; but it also ensures that I don’t go into major debt just recording and marketing a CD the way a newly signed band does.”

Scott used to get his music listed in iTunes. “Tunecore was really the product that made everything possible. They have the deals in place to get my music on to services like iTunes and emusic. And because there’s fewer hands in the pot; I get to keep more of the revenue than if I had sign a record deal. The online stores report sales to Tunecore and they simply pay me with PayPal.” Going direct to the Internet also means no huge costs in manufacturing physical CDs.

It’s a new era in media. The old barriers to getting exposure have fallen. And in its place has risen a plethora of avenues to become your own content creator.

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Scott Wilder