Schnitz Racing Low-Profile Motorcycle Radiator Fan

Decatur, IN, August 26, 2012 --( Schnitz Racing's Low-Profile Motorcycle Radiator Fan helps keep everything from hot-running stock motors to heavy-breathing hot rods cool in sizzling summer traffic or in the heat of drag-strip competition.

Packing 10 curved blades in a 7.5 in. wingspan, the fan blows up to 1100 cubic feet per minute, propelling more air than most stock fans. The injection-molded plastic blades are reversible to adjust flow. With a profile only 2.5 in. thick, it is 8.25 in. wide and weighs just 1.8 lbs. The Schnitz blower can be used as a bike's primary cooling unit, mounted in tight confines beside its stock fan as a secondary fan that doubles the breeze, or attached to a custom radiator.

Engineered for universal fitment to most motorcycle radiators, the kit comes with brackets, lock collars and insulation that secures the fan directly to radiators via four mounting holes spaced 6 in. apart.

The Schnitz fan works with 12- to 15- volt power supplies, draws just 3 amps and can be configured to spin up automatically by thermostat or switched on manually to provide constant airflow in stop-and-go traffic or the burnout box.

In a world where efficient cooling is directly proportional to consistent horsepower output and long engine life, Schnitz's small, lightweight fan helps avoid engine damage from overheating during low-airflow operation and increase fuel mileage.

Schnitz Racing distributes 20,000 parts and accessories for streetbikes and drag-racing machines from more than 50 leading manufacturers. The company stands behind every item with superior customer service and a technical support team led by former Kawasaki factory rider Ryan Schnitz, a championship-winning and record-breaking AMA Prostar racer and NHRA competitor.

For more information about Schnitz’s comprehensive line of motorcycle sportbike and drag-racing products, please go to, call 800-837-9730 or visit

Product Overview
Company: Schnitz Racing
Product Name: Schnitz Racing Low-Profile Radiator Fan
Part Number: SCH4009
Availability: and authorized dealers worldwide
Retail Price: $49.95

Defining Features:
1. Ensures consistent power output
2. Helps avoid engine damage from overheating
3. Ultra-low-profile--2.5 in. thick--for use in tight space
4. Can be used as primary or secondary fan
5. Maximum cubic feet per minute: 1100 CFM
6. Fan is reversible to adjust flow
7. Mounting kit includes brackets, lock collars and insulation
8. Distance between mounting holes: 6 in.
9. Housing width: 8.5 in.
10. Fan diameter: 7.5 in.
11. Fan Material: Injection-molded plastic
12. Number of blades: 10
13. Weight: 1.8 lbs.
14. Power requirements: 12 to 15 volts
15. Power draw: 3 amps
16. Warranty: 90 days

Company Information
Schnitz Racing
Founded: 1980
Facebook Page:
Sales & Customer Service Phone Number: 800-837-9730
Sales & Customer Service E-mail Address:
Mailing Address: 222 N. 3rd St., Decatur, Indiana

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About Schnitz Racing
Founded in 1980 and based in Decatur, Indiana, Schnitz Racing specializes in distributing parts and accessories for sportbikes and drag racers. Starting with just 100 products, the company grew from an 800 sq. ft. location to 23,000 sq. ft. facility today that sells 20,000 parts from more than 50 leading manufacturers to 34 countries.

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