Technology Firm Uses Kickstarter to Save Archived Movies

Film archives have more than just newsreels: movies, television, sports, culture, and every aspect human life were recorded... and most of it has never been digitized, and especially not at high resolutions.

Los Angeles, CA, August 26, 2012 --( The world’s oldest films will be saved as ultra- high resolution digital masters through a system developed by a motion picture technology company known as Advanced Film Capture (AFC).

AFC launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign today to help fund the construction of its AnthroCine film digitizer. It is a system that is capable of swiftly and economically scanning the world’s oldest movies with incredibly high resolutions.

“We’ve spent years developing a this film scanner, but it’s been difficult to fund... despite having years of work and multiple film archives lined up,” said Jack Norton, AFC founder and lead developer. “Nonprofit film preservation companies operate under very specific mandates that do not allow developing new technologies. Additionally, traditional venture capital firms, angel investment groups and bridge financiers can’t justify the altruistically low film scanning rates that are at the core of our mission.”

AFC’s unique combination of proprietary technologies allows the AnthroCine to produce a digital version of the film that not only does justice to the photochemical print, but creates a future proof digital master. By marrying the latest camera technology to AFC’s exclusive film capture techniques the AnthroCine is capable of generating a faithful digital representation at a minimum of 4K resolution with 16 bits of dynamic range, all at full speed (24 frames of film per second).

Unlike existing systems, the AnthroCine is a transportable unit. The system is roughly the size of a large commercial refrigerator and can be installed, calibrated and start scanning in a single day.

Transporting an AnthroCine unit is dramatically safer and simpler than moving vast quantities of delicate film reels, especially considering the volume the system can process.

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William J. Vinson