"Christian Socialism: A New Vision of Christ" Reaches #1 in Church History - Amazon Kindle eBooks

Christian Politics eBook on early church history and its possible roots of Socialism, reaches #1 on kindle ebooks Top 100 list for Church History and breaks Top 10 in Politics and Current Events. Book describes controversy on Early Christian Teachings which may have been suppressed by "1%".

Hagerstown, MD, August 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Detailed and informative eBook tops charts on opening days and gets hundreds of downloads.

"Christian Socialism: A New Vision of Christ," an informative ebook on Christian Politics, reached #1 in Church History and broke into the top 10 of Politics & Current Events on Amazon Kindle on the day it went live.

The eBook, which includes controversial ideas on the early days of Christianity, and the social and political environment surrounding early Christians was authored by first-time author Ophelia Madison.

“I was very surprised by the Amazon community response,” said Madison. “I became interested in the subject after Americas debt downgrade. I felt during the controversy, attention was not being given to the less fortunate, the religious community was silent during the debate.”

Madison believes Christians who do interact with the political debate, have been misguided by controversial issues such as Obama support of Gay Marriage, and missing The Christian message which may be closely aligned with “socialism.”

“Many Christians support Obama’s efforts to help the '99%' such as the poor and middle-class, but have been conflicted with his Support of gay marriage,” said Madison. “It’s a great read for anyone who is really interested in having an in-depth discussion on the subject.”

"Christian Socialism: A New Vision of Christ" was published by Ophelia Madison Press, an online publishing company started by Ophelia and her partner Robert Owens. OM Press is planning to release more eBooks throughout the year, including Madison’s follow-up “Christian Socialism: Obama and the Christian Left”.

"Christian Socialism: A New Vision of Christ" is available in the Amazon Kindle Store for $2.99. A free version is available for a limited time from the Amazon Kindle Store. For more information, visit the website or download the eBook from the Amazon Kindle Store.
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