BioLink FingerPass IC is a New Biometric Offering for Door-Locks and Turnstiles

Moscow, Russia, June 30, 2007 --( BioLink announces the release and mass production of BioLink FingerPass IC, a biometric terminal. It allows controlling physical access and recording the employees’ work hours by identifying them with fingerprints, contactless cards and/or PIN-code (used separately or in combination). Upon successful identification, the terminal issues a command to open an electromagnetic door-lock, turnstile or gate, and, simultaneously, registers the employee’s arrival or departure event in the system.

The recommended identifiers to be used with FingerPass IC are biometric parameters – fingerprints, as they are immune to loss, theft or forgery. They are a good identification tool for regular employees, while one-time visitors can be identified with contactless cards. To restrict access to highly secure areas, such as executives’ offices, server rooms or stock rooms, two-factor identification (fingerprint + card) can be implemented.

BioLink FingerPass IC can operate either separately or in combination with BioTime, a biometric time tracking and access control system. When used separately, the terminal is managed through its own keypad and display. When combined with BioTime, it is managed through the BioTime software, which is more convenient and effective.

BioTime allows centralizing access control and time monitoring features within the entire organization or enterprise, including its remote offices. A flexible modular structure allows configuring the system using various modules: users’ biometric information can be registered either in an HR department or security department. Right upon enrolling the employee’s data into the system, this employee can start making use of the biometric terminal BoLink FingerPass IC (located, for example, at the entrance).

The terminal interaction with BioTime can be done in three ways. In an autonomous mode, digitized fingerprint templates are stored in the terminal internal memory; in a network mode, biometric data is stored on the BioTime server (number of users is unlimited); in a combined mode, in the event of temporary server disconnections (due to LAN failures) the terminal continues operating, and upon restoring the connection, it transfers the accumulated information about the arrival/departure events to the server. The terminal’s internal memory is able to store up to 8 000 event records.

Apart from the keypad and display, the terminal comprises an optical fingerprint scanner and a reader of contactless Mifare cards. The image resolution of a fingerprint scanner is 508 dpi; operation with LAN is done through the Ethernet interface; to connect other types of card readers, RS-232 and Wiegand interfaces are used.

Piotr Pertsov, Director of Business Development in BioLink, says: “Thanks to the stylish design, ease of installation and assembly of FingerPass IC, the major part of terminals has been sold out at the production phase! The most popular application of FingerPass IC is with turnstiles, as it supports the majority of turnstile types.”

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