Michael H. Collins to Release, The American Panorama: A Comprehensive Guide to the Culture of the United States, Published by Outskirts Press

At the Beijing International Book Fair, historian and Instructor Michael Collins is about to release The American Panorama: A Comprehensive Guide to the Culture of the United States, published by Outskirts Press. Based on his own groundbreaking American Studies course delivered in China, Collins’s book offers an up to date in-depth guide to help anyone visiting or studying the United States or applying for citizenship. Foreword by international marketing guru Jim R. Graham.

London, United Kingdom, August 28, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Oxford-trained historian and international humanities instructor Michael Collins will soon release The American Panorama: A Comprehensive Guide to the Culture of the United States, published by Outskirts Press. Meticulously researched to give a comprehensive, balanced analysis so appropriate to challenge stereotypes, Collins’s book offers a well-presented easy-to-use guide to help anyone visiting, immigrating to or studying the United States.

By exploring the underlying dynamics of America's power and prosperity and the causes of Americans' undying optimism in the face of troubled times, The American Panorama provides a readable and reliable resource for understanding the many different elements that make up the country's unique philosophy, guarantee its leading place in the world and inspire undying belief in the American Dream. By challenging preconceptions and reaffirming the strengths of America the author hopes to create better understanding of the United States around the world.

The topics of his chapters span from the current status of minority relations and the issues facing women to the truth about violence in America and how a wave of reform has led to a sharp drop in the country's murder rate. The American Panorama also documents the continuing battles over controversial anti-terror legislation. The book goes beyond the usual syllabus to celebrate movies and musicals, baseball and books, painting a rich picture of why countless millions around the world still admire America.

The American Panorama is the broadest of guidebooks to American culture. Not only does it reveal what Americans really believe about hot-button social issues such abortion and gay rights, the book demonstrates how much power Christian fundamentalism actually wields over American cultural and political life. The American Panorama also provides a solid exposition of the Constitution and the workings of government. The book is enriched with factfiles, case studies and ample pointers to further sources. It is especially useful for people preparing for the Citizenship Test.

As with Michael Collins's classes on American culture, the message that runs through The American Panorama is that the fundamental American values of freedom and democracy are not only the keys to America's enduring strength but indispensable to surpassing new frontiers of creativity that will benefit all humankind.

"Michael Collins has created word images so vivid it is almost like living in the action. The depth of the research is astonishing! There is more to be learned about the American culture here than in any other source I’ve found. The topics are broad, but woven together brilliantly keeping me continuously engaged," Jim R. Graham, CEO, jimrgraham.com
Michael H. Collins