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5th Avenue Eye Center | Ilan Cohen MD

Choosing LASIK Requires Careful Advance Research

All surgical procedures carry with them some amount of risk, and LASIK surgery is no exception. Dr. Ilan Cohen of 5th Avenue Eye Center encourages patients to take time to research the procedure and find the most qualified surgeon to do the job.

Old Bridge, NJ, August 28, 2012 --(PR.com)-- “I’m concerned about the number of people I’ve met who want to have LASIK surgery the day they first see me,” Dr. Ilan Cohen said. “Some of my colleagues in the vision correction field are reporting similar experiences, and I want to make sure people realize that they should not make an impulse decision to get LASIK or similar procedures.”

Dr. Cohen, director of 5th Avenue Eye Center, assists people who are seeking New Jersey LASIK surgery and those throughout the Tri-State area with his ground-breaking LASIK surgical procedures. However, he wants to promote the importance of people doing plenty of research and advance preparation before undergoing LASIK.

“LASIK is safe most of the time, but it is not like coloring your hair,” Dr. Cohen said. “We live in an instant-gratification society where we want to see change right now. But getting LASIK eye surgery in NJ is not a decision to make on an impulse. It is indeed surgery, and, whenever you have surgery, there are a few risks.”

Ideally, a person interested in LASIK surgery should first attend a group information seminar followed by an initial consultation with a qualified corneal and refractive specialist. Then the patient should meet with his desired surgeon on another date to ask any final questions before undergoing LASIK.

“I encourage people to research worst-case scenarios through reputable websites, such as those of our federal government,” Dr. Cohen said. “The Federal Trade Commission is sort of a watchdog for modern consumers and they have plenty of information that outlines the potential benefits as well as risks of LASIK. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is another great resource.”

Doing the proper research to find the best LASIK surgeons in NJ before jumping in to surgery will help avoid potential complications. Some patients do not experience 20/20 vision even after multiple LASIK procedures. In very rare cases, blindness may occur; however, this is usually related to the poor skills of the surgeon or the fact that the patient was probably not a suitable candidate for LASIK surgery. Severe dry eye can also be a potential problem even after successful vision correction.

5th Avenue Eye Center is a comprehensive vision center with branches in Old Bridge, New Jersey, as well as the Manhattan and Queens boroughs of New York City. Dr. Cohen was fellowship trained in corneal surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn. and Catholic Medical Center in Boston, Mass. His state-of-the-art LASIK techniques and ability to correct other surgeons’ mistakes have garnered international media attention on CBS, CNBC, and FOX News. Dr. Cohen teaches LASIK surgery at the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cohen, call 5th Avenue Eye Center at (732) 679-6100 or visit http://www.worldclasslasik.com
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