Child’s Dream to Combat Crime: The Wailin’ Beaver Published by Outskirts Press

Novelist R. M. Kidwell takes readers from the first days of a young boy dreaming of being a crime fighter to his fateful adventures as a homicide detective battling bad guys, bosses and broken bones.

St. George, UT, August 28, 2012 --( Author R. M. Kidwell announced today the release of The Wailin’ Beaver, published by Outskirts Press. Kidwell’s suspenseful detective novel traces the life of “Special K,” Kalen Gatt, from his earliest six year old dreams of testing his courage and fighting crime through a fate filled life of ruthless men, an insufferable boss and a psychopath bent on murdering him, his wife and five other couples at a high school reunion.

After passing his first harrowing initiation into the Wailin’ Beavers by braving the horrors of a haunted house, young Kalen Gerald Gatt goes on to find and raise a pet crow that develops its own captivating personality – until the remarkable pet is shot and killed by the ruthless Caleb Carl Jacoby, who also makes Kale’s life miserable. This becomes the boy’s first real life experience with the police and a court of law, and his purpose to fight crime is further strengthened as his goal in life.

Kale’s childhood girlfriend is killed by a truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel, and his resolve to become a top notch cop becomes even greater, despite his anguish at her loss. His parents then move from their beloved farm in Kentucky to Dayton, Ohio, in an effort to help him relieve his sorrow.

He ultimately lands a job on the Dayton police force as a flat foot, but he wants to be where the “real” action is and eventually he is able to transfer to the homicide division. One unexpected piece of action that comes his way, however, is his new boss in homicide, Chief Danforth, who makes his life miserable and sometimes seems to Kale to be even more of an adversary than the bad guys he’s chasing in the streets.

Kale marries his new sweetheart from high school and they have two beautiful children together. During an innocent high school reunion, Kale, now “Special K,” finds himself confronted with a psychopath who begins killing classmates with his bare hands and planting explosives to raze the building in which they’re all trapped.

Fate has one more gruesome event for Kale to face as the climax of Kidwell’s action filled tale reveals the depth of courage needed to go from “Wailin’ Beaver” to “Special K.”

The Wailin’ Beaver is available on-line in hardback and paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at for a maximum trade discount in quantities of ten or more.

Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream ISBN: 978-1-4327-9547-4 SRP: $15.95
6 x 9 hardback with jacket 978-1-4327-9549-8 $27.95
e-Book $ 5.00
Kindle $ 8.95
NOOK $ 8.95
iPad $ 8.95
Genre: Fiction/mystery and detective

About the author:
R. M. Kidwell’s career includes many years of employment with the federal government and home walls display vocational awards of recognition, a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in Psychology. Favorite pastimes are writing, reading, traveling and playing music on piano and guitar. The author says, “Writing is like making music. Fingering piano keys and developing characters with a ballpoint pen both ease my mind and make me feel like humming.”

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