Beautiful Disaster, Jamie Mcguire's New Book, Now Available at Infibeam

Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire's contemporary romance is all about the life of Abby Abernathy which is thrown into confusion by a simple bet she played with Travis.

Ahmedabad, India, August 29, 2012 --( Jamie Mcguire's Beautiful Disaster, is a nicely told tale about a young girl named Abby Abernathy. She is a good girl with a past she must distance herself from. And she earnestly tries to do this by embracing a conservative life style with conviction. She does not drink, uses polite language and dresses in a modest way.

However, when she goes to Eastern University with her best friend, her resolution is challenged by an untoward incident of getting implicated with an extremely creepy relationship with a no-good fellow going by the name Travis Maddox. This rather lean and tattoo-covered fellow leads a life-style which is diametrically opposite to that of Abby. He earns his money by winning it in a floating fight ring and spends his days frequenting the college campus playing out a charmer's role. And, therefore, it is a bit surprising to watch Abby getting mixed up with him the way she does.

What sets her off on this strange relationship is a simple and yet tricky bet played by Travis. He had failed in seducing her because of her firm resistance to his advances. This trick succeeds. The bet was simply that if he loses, he would embark on a month-long abstinence. And if Abby loses, she must spend the same period of time in Travis's apartment. She loses.

What follows is a playing out of a subtle, equipoised relationship game. And how it will end? Interesting indeed. Learn it straight from the book itself. Help yourself with your copy at Infibeam.

About the Author

Jamie McGuire was born and brought up in Oklahoma, and in the same state her schooling and university education also took place.

At present, she is leading a perfectly blissful existence in Enid, Oklahoma, with Jeff, her husband, and three children. Jeff is a real cowboy. Their possessions include 30 acres of land, four horses, four dogs and Rooster, the cat. When writing does not occupy her, she loves to take her dogs for outing.
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