Global Monitoring's Remote Terminal Unit Ensures Proper Operation of Remediation Systems

Global Monitoring's Remote Terminal Unit Ensures Proper Operation of Remediation Systems Associated with Storage Tank Cleanup

Springfield, PA, August 29, 2012 --( The Messenger Remote Monitoring Unit from Global Monitoring ensures proper operation of remediation systems associated with the cleanup of leaking underground storage tanks. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates the cleaning of leaking underground storage tank sites to restore and protect groundwater resources and create a safe environment for those who live or work around these sites. Several remediation systems are used to clean up contaminated sites, based on site characteristics.

Remediation systems often operate in remote locations and function without operator assistance. Monitoring operations and scheduling maintenance becomes difficult as the system contains various operating components and performance parameters that cannot be closely managed by an operator. In addition, regulatory rules may specify that qualified personnel must have immediate system access for review at any time.

Serving as an integrated telemetry, data logger and alarm system, the Messenger Remote Monitoring Unit offers remote monitoring and control of remediation systems, offering real-time views of data in a variety of communication formats including standard telephone line interface, cellular data or Ethernet. The Messenger also generates alarms to a pre-programmed set of telephone numbers to notify key personnel of any anomaly. On-board data logging stores a history of operations.

Configurable with industry standard 0-5V, 4-20mA or dry contact sensors and expandable to 16 inputs, the Messenger provides status of different remediation system parameters including water levels, ambient temperature, power, blower and pump operation and others as selected by the user. As remediation systems run continuously for two to five years, maintenance contractors can use the dial in/out capabilities of the Messenger for periodic system checks.

The Messenger can also be programmed to provide notifications when system components malfunction. Alarm notifications of equipment shutdown or anomalies reduce downtime and, in some cases, enable operators to diagnose equipment problems remotely. Using the remote control capabilities of the Messenger, users can start, stop or reset equipment, reducing the need to dispatch a technician. Various personnel can be assigned with limited password-protected access to verify operations simply by making a phone call.

A data logging feature of the Messenger also retains detailed historical information of equipment operations that can be used to improve new equipment designs and provide proof of operation to end-users. The user interface allows for visualization of historical data and direct downloading to PLCs.

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