25th Anniversary of Nuremberg Actions

Film Production of “Paying the Price for Peace” to Document the Anniversary of Veteran Brian Willson’s Non-Violent Protest

San Francisco, CA, August 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Award-winning independent documentary filmmaker Bo Boudart has begun shooting his latest project, Paying the Price for Peace. The film tells the story of Air Force Vietnam Veteran Brian Willson’s courageous attempts to promote peace through non-violent actions. Willson lost both of his legs during a peaceful demonstration when he was struck by a military train that refused to stop for protesters.

Boudart’s film will exemplify Willson’s civil actions against government war policies, show his solidarity with fellow American veterans’ refusal to continue fighting in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars, and his support of Central American civilians and war victims in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Depiction of his life in the film will inspire viewers to voice their opinions publicly and consider taking peaceful stands against United States backed wars, using civil disobedience when necessary.

Paying the Price for Peace will feature notable Peace Activists including: Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder of Code Pink; Alice Walker, Author of The Color Purple; Veteran Ron Kovic; Daniel Ellsberg; Amy Goodman; Blase Bonpane; Colonel Ann Wright; Cindy Sheehan and Camilo Mejia, among others.

The commemoration of the Nuremberg Actions will take place on Saturday September 1st from 11AM – 1:30PM at the exact location of Willson’s accident near the Concord Naval Weapons Station, east of San Francisco. Willson will be present along with Holley Rauen, Daniel Ellsberg and David Hartsough, and others - many of whom were with Willson on the day of his tragedy.

Paying the Price for Peace is in the initial stages of production and is actively seeking funds to produce this feature documentary. Boudart’s expertise and past programs have been broadcast on PBS, Discovery Communications and other television outlets. The Indiegogo campaign for Paying the Price for Peace can be found here: www.indiegogo.com/payingthepriceforpeace.

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