LynuxWorks Demonstrates Full End-to-End Multi-Level Secure Thin Client System at Information Assurance Expo

Demonstration of secunet SINA Multi-level Workstation using LynuxWorks LynxSecure running multiple secure VDI sessions over single network.

San Jose, CA, August 31, 2012 --( LynuxWorks™, Inc., a world leader in the secure virtualization market, today announced they are demonstrating at Information Assurance Expo a security solution that provides concurrent user access to three isolated thin client sessions running on a single SINA Multi-level Workstation from secunet Security Networks AG over a single network infrastructure to three separate Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI).

This collaborative high security product was first announced at the RSA conference in February and this is the first public demonstration of a full system, including the back-end infrastructure and configuration management components. This solution can be used by government agencies and Department of Defense (DoD) programs requiring secure separation of multiple networks on a single workstation or any Enterprise organization with highly sensitive information that needs isolation from malicious computing environments.

The SINA Multi-level Workstation (MLW) is a multi-domain thin client access solution running on a standard off-the-shelf laptop. It offers unprecedented security on a low-cost platform, providing access to multiple security domains from a single user workstation over a single network infrastructure.

The SINA MLW takes full advantage of the separation kernel security benefits offered by LynxSecure that provides a foundation to host a minimal component-based architecture with formally verified security components. The SINA MLW features multiple isolated bare-metal cryptographic engines for each security domain to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of information processed in each security domain. The SINA crypto engines utilize LynxSecure's platform resource control capabilities to mitigate some of the most advanced threats posed on today's multi-level solutions running on shared computing resources, such as crypto side-channel attacks and covert user data spill channels.

“We are very excited to see a full demonstration of our latest SINA workstation technology at this key Information Assurance event,” said Kai Martius, head of secunet's High Security Business Unit. “We believe that it offers key functionality combined with the high security required by U.S. government entities looking to implement a cloud-based infrastructure at a competitive price point. Our strategic partnership with LynuxWorks brings our combined security expertise and mature technologies together. The proven SINA technology is now available to U.S. customers running on the LynxSecure separation kernel as a combined solution being offered and supported by LynuxWorks.”

The demonstration at IA Expo (LynuxWorks Booth #423) will debut the back-end SINA network gateways. The SINA gateway is a single level cryptographic network gateway that connects the SINA MLW user sessions to clear-text security domain infrastructures. The SINA gateways support redundant link protocols to provide hardware failover protection and link teaming that combines Ethernet ports to increase link throughput.

The SINA product line utilizes an ingenious Smart Card management system, where all SINA configuration parameters and security credentials reside on Smart Cards instead of the hardware platforms. This provides a transparent hardware configuration model, allowing SINA products to be easily replaced and upgraded by simply swapping out the hardware components and reinserting the existing Smart Cards.

"The SINA Multi-level Workstation from secunet is a great showcase for the LynxSecure separation kernel. It truly shows off the platform resource control capabilities for security domain isolation that competing products do not provide,” said Will Keegan, security software specialist at LynuxWorks. "This combined solution is really the first high security, multi-level implementation that goes the extra mile in decomposing the complexities of MLS system security architectures into simple, verifiable and trustworthy components without sacrificing usability. The SINA MLW can help our Government and DoD customers realize the cost benefits of embracing future technologies without compromising on their security.”

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