Kultur Announces the DVD Release of Sites of the World’s Cultures Southern India and the Dance of the Gods Available September 25th

New York, NY, August 30, 2012 --(PR.com)-- New from the Sites of the World’s Cultures Series: Southern India and the Dance of the Gods

Kultur announces the DVD release of Southern India and the Dance of the Gods from the Sites of the World’s Cultures Series available September 25.

In Kumbakonom, according to an ancient myth, the world evolved from a "kumba," a vessel.

The city in the south of India claims to be the navel of the world which, according to the Hindu creed, is actually the sacred city of Benares.

This is one of the numerous contradictions which are a particular characteristic of the south of India, where myths, religious traditions and everyday life are entwined in what appears to be a hopelessly tangled web.

Yet, in fact, everything does have an inner Indian logic, a cohesion derived and based on thousand-year-old stories of the gods and their worlds.

This background explains the mysterious temple and also the fate of an old woman, who dedicated her life to the gods.

Title: Sites of the World’s Cultures: Tikal and the Maya Gods
Street Date September 25, 2012
SRP: $ 19.99
SKU: D4844
Run Time: 56 Minutes
UPC: 032031 484498
ISBN: 0-978-7697-9236-1
Territory: U.S. and Canada--Region 1/A

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