Zonezata Launches Zone Ticket Site Focused on Consumer Experience

Online ticket company debuts "zone" ticket website, featuring free shipping and zero service fees.

New York, NY, August 31, 2012 --( Zonezata ( officially launches online ticket platform. The company offers consumers live event tickets with no service fees and free shipping on every order. With color-coded seating charts, all-inclusive pricing, and instant confirmations, Zonezata looks to present live event ticket buyers with a faster, simpler, and cheaper buying experience than is currently available within the ticket industry., which has been running in a Beta test phase for the past year, features tickets for over 10,000 live sports, concert, and theater events nationally.

"We are very excited to announce the launch of We have spent the last twelve months creating a ticket platform that we feel will enhance the live event experience for sports, concert, and theater patrons across the country. While there are certainly a number of e-commerce solutions within the ticket space, we have focused on delivering the consumer a ticket product that we feel is unique," says Matthew DeSantis, Senior Vice President. "At Zonezata, we pride ourselves in providing the consumer with a seamless ticket buying process that marks the start of their live event experience."

Zonezata focuses on providing a streamlined purchase process through the use of zone ticketing, or "zones." Zones are comprised of a group of geographically similar sections within a venue. Zone ticketing provides for a simpler buying experience because it allows for a more intuitive display of ticket information and prices. The use of color-coded maps and simple naming constructs (i.e. "Zone A," "Zone B"), which are consistent from venue to venue, provide the ticket buyer with a more consumer-friendly platform than is currently the industry standard.

Zonezata is a division of MZTix LLC, a licensed and bonded ticket broker. An accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, Zonezata is located in New York, NY. Zonezata, which utilizes Zone Ticket Exchange (ZTE) technology, is dedicated to following best practices for both the ticket industry and e-commcece websites.

For more information, please contact:
Matthew DeSantis
Office: 800-601-6100
Matthew DeSantis