White Mountain Technologies Branches Out with New Offices in Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon, August 31, 2012 --(PR.com)-- White Mountain Technologies, a local software development firm, is opening two new offices in Zahle, Bekaa (in the east), and Chekka, Koura (in the north). This development reflects White Mountain’s goal to expand into regions of Lebanon outside Beirut, while maintaining the spirit of a closely-connected work environment.

“It has always been our intention to be a part of the local communities. This allows us to be closer to our customer base on one hand, and on the other hand, to tap into valuable local resources and diversified backgrounds that will enrich White Mountain,” says Mr. Ghassan Abboud, Managing Director of White Mountain Technologies.

While remote access technology keeps the team in constant contact anytime and anywhere, bringing the work place closer to the work force allows the team to make best use of their time and energy. The new offices drastically reduce commuting and eliminate the need to relocate to a new region.

White Mountain specializes in education and learning management software, servicing the educational sector via its two product brands:

UniversiTools™—student information system for the higher education sector
Skoolee Tools™—student information system for the K-12 sector

Each product is developed independently to specifically service its target sector. UniversiTools and Skoolee Tools manage information, workflows, and processes, both offline and online. Specific services range from courses, calendars, and tracks; admission, registration, and attendance; assignments, examinations, and grading; graduation; performance evaluation; accounts receivables; payroll; and essential HR.

Their software modules encompass class timetables and scheduling, information archiving and retrieval, library, medical records, and event notifications. Their products streamline processes and promote collaboration, coordination, and communication among the management, departments, instructors, students, parents, and alumni.

For a 15-minute presentation about White Mountain Technologies software products and services, contact us directly, or submit the online request form at www.WhiteMountainTechnologies.com/Contact Us.

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