MED-Q Pill Dispenser with Timer Takes Seniors in New York by Storm

MED-Q's advance technology has set a new benchmark in the use of Pill dispensers for medication management for seniors.

New York, NY, August 31, 2012 --( The MED-Q automated pill dispensers is a new tool to avoid the problems of forgetting medication. Seniors need all the help they can get. The World Health Organization tells us that up to 90% of Seniors do not take their medication as needed, when needed.

The big difference with MED-Q is in the type of alarms that are used. The standard pill organizer does not have feature that remind the user to take their medication. MED-Q has two different alarms to remind the user at the programmed time.

Troy Holbrook, SW Regional Manager for the Med-Q pill dispenser says, "The response for Seniors has been overwhelming. Med-Q's has a breakthrough technology that provides a helper companion in the form of electrical reminders so seniors don't have to try to remember.

Seniors need all the help they can get as memory starts to fade during the aging process, At a time when medication is more important that ever, remembering becomes more and more difficult. The consequences of not taking your medication can be truly staggering.

MED-Q is the newest automatic pill dispenser with alarms. Easily programmed to the times you choose , the MED-Q takes over from there. The first alarm is a bright Flashing LED light in the individual compartment that needs to be taken, the second alarm is a loud audio beeping sound. Working together, MED-Q makes it virtually impossible to forget medication or take the wrong pills. MED-Q's cutting edge technology will finally free Seniors from the shocking effects of medication errors.
MED-Q Pillbox Dispenser
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