Come Catch the One That Got Away

Megan Hussey's latest "tail" of lush tropical romance.

Tampa, FL, September 01, 2012 --( While enjoying a collegiate vacation to a tropical getaway known as Port Emerald Beach, plus-sized Cecily has an impulsive affair with Logan, a gorgeous and sensual merman. Years later Cecily is still haunted by their forbidden afternoon of raw and intimate passion; and when his cry of anguish draws her back to the beach, will she be able to find and reclaim the one that got away?

This is the question posed in "The One that Got Away," the latest "mermance" from Megan Hussey and Melange Books. This erotic short story explores the love between a gorgeous, warm-hearted merman and an everyday lady of the land; one that stands the test of time.

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Megan Hussey